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  1. In machine learning, support-vector machines (SVMs, also support-vector networks) are supervised learning models with associated learning algorithms that analyze data used for classification and regression analysis.An …

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  • We use a type of clustering algorithm where the complete data is viewed as a network with each data point being a node in the network.
  • The entire algorithm is based on finding iteratively how well one point is suited to be a representative of another point (i.e…

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What are Word Embeddings?

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  • Based on a set of points (let’s think in a bidimensional space as exemplified in the figure), DBSCAN groups together points that are close to each other based on a distance measurement (usually Euclidean distance) and a minimum number of points. …

Mrinal Yadav

Data analytics and Naval architecture. Undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur. Loves to spend time with football.

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